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Osch – Car Spares – Brake Systems – Opel Corsa

Osch – Car Spares – Brake Systems – Opel Corsa

Submitted by • July 6, 2013

The brake system is designed to slow and halt the motion of a vehicle. To do that, various components within a hydraulic brake system must convert the momentum of the vehicle into heat. They do so by using friction. Types of Brake System There are four different types of brake system which includes Disc brake, Drum brake, Hydraulic brake, Antilock brake etc. The hydraulic braking system uses a brake fluid to transfer pressure from the brake pedal to the pads or shoes. The components of the hydraulic braking system are brake fluid, brake pedal, master cylinders. The drum brake assembly consists of a cast-iron drum, which is bolted to and rotates with the vehicle’s shoes, wheel cylinders, automatic adjusters, and linkages are attached. The Disc brakes resemble the brakes on a bicycle: the friction elements are in the form of pads, which are squeezed or clamped about the edge of a rotating wheel. With automotive disc brakes, this wheel is a separate unit, called a rotor, inboard of the

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